Heirloom tomatoes with kale pesto!

This little guy gave me a pretty bad cold… but missing a day of work to play with him and his mom isn’t bad. :)

Yippee, I successfully vacuum sealed on my own and am ready to sous vide this chicken!

Planning our little in-town garden space.

Almost done for the day, just have to crack a few eggs as we watch a little of a movie… so tired!

Kate and I practiced out floral arranging skills for an Easter bouquet!

Here’s the result of coming home to spoiling artichokes and learning how to cook them in a rush before my haircut appointment. Creativity is fun!

More beautiful food tonight! :)

I love cooking pretty food!

Isn’t he the cutest?

Here’s a tip top corner of our loft. This bear looks pretty content if you ask me. :)

Here’s a corner of our kitchen. I’m mixing up bread dough to bake tomorrow.

Seriously, Pleasant Hill Grain is a great place to work. Check out all these encouraging notes to coworkers!

I almost forgot today’s picture, but here it is, another glimpse from our new home. Pillows are appropriate… I’m so tired and it’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of the week!

Kate and I are officially moved into our new bank building home, and while we’d love to take photos and show you all the space, it’s much too messy for that at the moment. So for the next few days Kate and I will post tiny glimpses from around our home. Enjoy!